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What is PagoDólar

We are a free trade platform among people around the World

Buying, selling or accepting dollars and cryptocurrencies is very easy and fast, no matter where, the speed of our transactions is impressive and our payment system is ideal for customers and operators with high volume of transactions


All our functions like sending a message via Telegram

Integrated with Telegram

Easy, the same way you send a message, you send money to everyone

Trust and Security

We support all the dollars in the stable USDC developed by the CENTER mercantile company with capital from investors such as Goldman Sachs, one of the largest investment and securities banking groups in the world.


By registering you will get a unique ten-digit account number to receive instant payments in Dollars and more than 120 cryptocurrencies, in addition to your traditional addresses to receive payments from other platforms.

Support with multiple promoters

In addition to our technical staff, we offer decentralized promoters around the world who are here to secure it and boost their business with PagoDólar.

Instant Exchange

You can exchange your dollars between more than 300 exchange pairs including RIPPLE, DASH, BITCOIN and ETHEREUM thanks to our integration with the Binance API, the exchange with the highest capitalization in the world.

Referral system

Our promoters create references, referrals receive special discounts and our promoters excellent salaries, their work is simple, they increase sales in stores affiliated with the PagoDólar Network


At PagoDólar, we are a Global Network with powerful solutions.

Instant payments

The traditional cryptocurrency payment model must wait for confirmations, just like traditional interbank payments that take up to days to process your payment, we want to expand our Global PagoDólar Network where our payments are instantaneous.

Open to the world

It doesn't matter where you are, it doesn't matter the bank or the existing new platform, with PagoDólar you can buy Dollars and a seller will offer you.

Instant exchanges

Si deseas comprar en un comercio y aceptan bitcoin u otra criptomoneda en 1 simple clic conviertes tus dolares a la criptomoneda deseada y realizas el pago. Si aceptan dólares con Pagodólar, la experiencia seria increíble.

Remittance sending

If our platform is Global shipments are also global, if you are in a country (X) vouchers with PagoDólar you can sell them in a country (Y), our automatic system will send you purchase offers, and protect the funds until final the operation.

Smart investment

If you are a long-term investor, you can negotiate with us, we are connected to BINANCE because of its liquidity and powerful infrastructure for the exchange, it is ours

Sub accounts

Do you have a large store with many ATMs? Create sub accounts with limited access to receive payments from your customers and at the end of the day they are transferred to your main account.